1. momentofmemory:

    Out of all my sisters, you were the one I hated least.


  2. gillykins:

    Bombshell Batwoman: #52 Kate Kane
    I feel in love with Bombshell Batwomans Design the moment I saw it.

    I decided to style the full costume after vintage woman’s baseball uniforms and the movie A League of Their Own. I did some slight modern updates to keep it Batwomans style, like the a-symmetrical front + piping.  I hand embroidered the Gotham Knights crest on the front of the uniform and bat symbol on my hat.  I also did an overhaul on my bat which included sanding off all the logos and old finish, painting on the new design and finishing it with some fresh coats of varathane.

    Contacts: Color Vue: Solar Blue (Youknowit.com)
    Wig:  Arda Matilda- Apple Red
    Progress Photos: 1 & 2

    Photos By: Think.Nu

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  4. Genres of Video Games


my hand slipped

    my hand slipped

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  6. ezioauditoress:

    things to do during ubisoft credits:

    • knit a sweater
    • write a small novel
    • sing the entirety of leonard cohen’s hallelujah
    • perform an interpretive dance to the soundtrack music
    • die and wait to fucking reincarnate

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  7. lifeywifey:

    But just consider the following: 

    -Clint Barton’s hearing aids giving off feedback. “Aww, hearing aids…”

    -Clint Barton forgetting to turn on his hearing aids for like half an hour after putting them in. 

    -Clint Barton turning his hearing aids on in the middle of a crowded area and startling the hell out of himself. 

    -Clint Barton hearing the sound of his bow and arrow for the first time in ages.

    -Clint Barton groaning when Tony hacks into his hearing aids and blasts AC/DC, then enthusiastically singing along after a minute. 

    -Clint Barton laughing his head off when Kate learns how to swear in ASL. 

  8. lisoundy:

    TF Legends: The Coronation of Starscream